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Massage Chair Relief to Open New California Showroom

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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Start Your Best Day Now

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Keep Athletes Healthy

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Apps & Chairs

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It's Your Call!

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Just in!

IT-8100 Massage Chair Reviews

Massage Chairs for Pain Relief

Feels as Good as it Looks

Chiropractors Increasing Profit Margins

The Newest Chair

Massage Chair Reviews from Across the Country

A Power Couple

Have You Met iYashi?

Treat Yourself

Outstanding Service At Every Step

How Will I Know That I Am Buying From an Authorized Dealer?

The IT-9800 Body Scan

Targeted Massage Products For You

Revolutionizing Massage Techniques

Full Body Massage Techniques

What if I Experience a Problem With My Chair?

Being Pinned Down Never Felt So Good!

Word on the Street...

Twist & Relax!

Where are the Chairs Shipped?

Let the Air Do the Work

What is the Warranty?

Raving Reviews for our IT-8800

Be your own DJ!

What is Zero Gravity?

The New Arm Airbag System has Arrived!

So You Want to be a Dealer?

A Remote Simplified

Stretching the Limits

An Unbelievable Stretch

Remind Me Again?

Shiatsu Swivel Seat

What is the Most Demanded Massage Chair Feature?

Want More Control in Your Life?

Infinity Meets Consumers Desires

What is the One Bragging Right the iYashi has that NO OTHER Massage Chair Can?

Live like Royalty

Reflexology Like No Other!

Become an Infinity Massage Chair Dealer

When to use Which Auto Program...

Leave Your Stress Behind...

Infinity IT-8500 Remote Video

All the Rage in Massage Chairs!

An Investment that Always Gives Back

Let Us Take Care of You

Feel Better at Work

Massage Reviews for the IT-9800

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Infinity IT-8800 Reviews

Single for Valentines Day?

Olympic Worthy Service

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10 Most Stressful Jobs of 2013

No Worries, We've got your back!

Anything Good Must be Fattening Right? WRONG!

Experience the Difference


Happy Thanksgiving to All!

Black Friday: Best Gift

The Remedy for Headaches

Kick Off Your Shoes & Relax Your Feet!

Experience Space!

Black Out!

Happy Pinning!

Why Us?

Not Sleeping Well?

The New World of Massage

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