Got Snow?

January 20, 2014
How much snow have you had fall so far? How is all that shoveling on your back? Many locations throughout the US have encountered a lot of snow already and there is more to come, so don't underestimate the effects of shoveling this winter!
Not only does shoveling place tremendous stress on the heart, it places an unrealized amount of stress and strain on your back. People suffer every winter from everything from basic muscle fatigue and low back strain to verbal disc damage and even spinal fractures. 
With the proper remedy of a massage, you can enjoy a safe, healthy and fun winter. Some massage chairs are even equipped with lumbar heat to help prepare the muscles for a deeper tissue massage.
The power of massage is often overlooked as a cure next to pain medications and heat pads. Massage chairs not only relieve the pain but sooth it away. The power of a massage works out the problem areas unlike pain medications and heat pads. Next time you have to shovel this winter think about a massage afterwards in the comfort of your own home.
We can help you find the right chair for you and lead to a healthy, happy winter! 


Stealing All the Attention

January 16, 2014
Captivating audiences and stealing all the attention, the Infinite Therapeutics booth at this years 2014 CES stole the show! A waiting line all day long, every day,  this years show had an incredible turnout and was a huge success. 
Our professional sales associates customized massage programs and numerous massage techniques to fit each individuals unique and specific massage needs & desires.  All attendees left in awe after their massages and some in shock
What shocked them? Here are some of the most popular statements we heard in response to massages in our chairs. 

"I had no idea a chair was capable of doing that!" 

New Years Resolutions: Make the Leap

January 10, 2014
It's new years resolution time and the top resolutions year after year resort to getting fit and losing weight. However, most new years resolutions don't get kept, reason being people get to ambitious, set goals that are not practical and then give up.  People need to make changes in moderation and lean into them, trying things out. 
We suggest instead of thinking to the new year, think in the past. Think about what contributed to the weight you now want to lose, and what stopped you from being the level of fit you now want to be in the new year. Many would agree the main reason for the above is being stressed and too busy. Both huge factors that affect ones lifestyle and well-being, but Infinity has a solution many wouldn't think of right away concerning getting fit and weight-loss… A MASSAGE. 
Relieve the stress and save time with a massage at home as often as you would like with the luxury of having an Infinity massage chair at your leisure. Studies have proven massage increases your bodies resilience, aids it's muscle nutrition and flexibility, and supports your mental and emotional well-being. It is a calorie free-reward ; a way to treat yourself without guilt. Think about the money spent on diet books, pills, meal packages, gym memberships, classes and more…the costs add up. Why not start with your mind and body simultaneously at home in minutes. This is the new solution to a new year. Start the year off right and take the leap into a massage chair. Everyone needs a change to make their resolutions a reality. Why not an Infinity chair? 

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