Infinity Massage Chairs Announces New Headquarters in Seabrook, NH

July 22, 2016

Infinity Massage Chairs is excited to announce that we will be moving to our new 45,000-square-foot World Headquarters in Seabrook, NH. As we transition to the new location from our current corporate offices in Kingston, the entire team looks forward to working in a state-of-the-art facility that provides us with ample room to compensate for our rapidly-expanding business.

Your iYashi Massage Chair Questions Answered

March 11, 2015

Two of the most frequently asked Infinity iYashi massage chair questions have been answered! Check out the video and be sure to subscribe to our channel to stay up to date on more FAQ about our massage chairs!


January 26, 2015

Everyone is loving their masseuse! They rave about how life changing the massages are, how much of the body gets tended to and more!


January 26, 2015

Everyone is loving their masseuse! They rave about how life changing the massages are, how much of the body gets tended to and more!

Join the Infinity Team Dealer Network

January 23, 2015

...where helping improve ones well-being is our top priority.

Massage: Your Golf Strategy

January 21, 2015

There are all different health strategies for every sport out there. Sharpen your golf game with the power of massage, an Infinity Massage Chair to be exact. It's one of the most popular sports in the world. In fact, between 28 million and 35 million people participate in golf worldwide. The United States alone tallies 12.8 million over the age of 18 playing it at least eight times a year.

Future = Delivered: CES 2015 Review

January 14, 2015

Last Friday, we wrapped up an AMAZING show. Not just amazing, record breaking. The 2015 International CES became the largest show in history with more than 2.2 ,billion net square feet of exhibit space. We were 1 of the 3,600 exhibits bringing the latest in innovation and future technology to the show floor.

Latest News from CES 2015

January 07, 2015

Infinity Massage Chairs will be providing complimentary massages for the entire event while unveiling the latest and greatest in massage technology. Find out what is on the horizon for Infinity Massage Chairs by speaking with any of our floor rep professionals.

All I Want For Christmas is a Massage

December 24, 2014

Not too much to ask for this Christmas is it? Of course not! The return on the investment in a massage chair comes quicker than you would think! You're saving on all those spa gift certificates and visits you would give for Christmas's past, Valentines day, Birthday, Anniversaries and more! Your using the chair and not needing any spa ever again too! When you factor in the cost of trips to a massage therapist or a masseuse, you could be looking at anywhere from $50 to $300+ an hour. To achieve the same therapeutic benefits as a daily session in a chair, you would require multiple visits a month. Factoring in gas prices and inconvenience of driving to and from, the return on investment is generally within a year of your purchase.

Will a chair be under your tree tonight? If Santa accidentally misses your house tonight, don't worry many of our dealers are still offering the amazing holiday specials. This the definition of the gift that keeps on giving. Here are some of our festive holiday food names for our revolutionizing massage chairs:

Assembling Your Riage

December 19, 2014

Even though all our chairs are made to have the easiest possible set up, we have made a video of the entire process to make it even easier! With this quick tutorial video you will be relaxing in your massage chair in no time! You will be amazed how simple it is to put this luxurious piece of furniture together. You can even put it together all on your own. Technology just got even more simpler with the Riage! Here are some of the massage chair reviews from recent customers:

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