Infinity Iyashi vs. Infinity IT-8500 [Infographic]

September 17, 2015

The Infinity Iyashi and IT-8500 are our two top chairs, which leaves many massage chair buyers questioning: Which is the chair for me? Check out our infographic below comparing these two great chairs to help you make a decision!

Can I Find a Massage Chair If I am Overweight?

August 11, 2015

This is a question we are asked often, and there is perhaps no direct answer. At Infinity Massage Chairs, we understand that there are people of all shapes and sizes who each want something different from their massage chair. We do our best to cater to a variety of massage chair users, however, so check out a few of our best massage chairs for larger sizes.

Future = Delivered: CES 2015 Review

January 14, 2015

Last Friday, we wrapped up an AMAZING show. Not just amazing, record breaking. The 2015 International CES became the largest show in history with more than 2.2 ,billion net square feet of exhibit space. We were 1 of the 3,600 exhibits bringing the latest in innovation and future technology to the show floor.

Let the Light in!

September 15, 2014

Chromotherapy is a proved science that hues of light influence the emotions and mood therefore the mind of ones well-being. Theses different colored lights create these moods and emotions and influence the brain activity. Different colors give off different vibes and affect the mindset of one's brain.

Got the Summer Blues?

September 05, 2014

Don't get the summer blues, the heat is here to stay with the heat feature that is a part of our Infinity iYashi Massage Chair. Feel like your still at the beach no matter what season it may be. The lumbar heat on the iYashi warms up the chair creating a sensation as if the rollers are heating your back up and down.

Apps & Chairs

September 02, 2014

We've developed user-friendly mobile apps to make the use of your Infinity iYashi massage chair more convenient than ever. Read on to learn more!

6 Awesome Massage Chair Looks!

August 08, 2014

Yes, the purpose of having a massage chair is to have relaxation anytime you want and relieve tension for a better well-being, but looks matter too! Not only does it have to feel good, but shouldn't it look good too?

The Newest Chair

July 14, 2014

Our newest chair is not only one of our top sellers, but a top seller of all our dealers nationwide! The brand new space saving track system is an incredible break through that dramatically reduces the amount of space needed for the massage chair. This track system, exclusive to IYASHI, allows you to have the best massage possible, even in the smallest of space settings where traditional massage chairs may not fit.

A Power Couple

July 08, 2014

Our most popular chairs, the Infinity iYashi and IT-8500, are the power couple of the massage chair industry. Ranking at the top of the best selling lists across all dealers, their state-of-the-art features have everyone buzzing.

Have You Met iYashi?

July 06, 2014

If you have not had the privilege of meeting the newest member of the Infinity family, allow me to fill you in on what you have been missing! Here are the points you should know and watch the video see them highlighted.

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