How Stress Affects Your Body & Mind

September 03, 2014

Tense? Worked-up? Fatigued? These are some of the many signs of stress, of which can be very harmful to your body and mind. Your body becomes stressed by battling continuous challenges without relief and begins to wear on your well-being.

5 Massage Techniques to Relaxation

August 28, 2014


What do each of the massage techniques do?


The IT-8100 has 5 unique and advanced roller massage techniques, kneading, tapping, pummel, wavelet, and shiatsu. Each of these techniques were designed to deliver massages that catered to the muscles various needs. Each one produces a different rhythm, pace, depth, etc. You can manually select these for a custom massage with the click of a button on the user friendly remote. Check out our video for more information on each of the techniques.

Full Body Massage Techniques

June 18, 2014

The newest technology in full body massage can be found in our Infinity iYashi. Incorporating many of the Zen Master & T'ai Chi massage techniques, iYashi is revolutionizing the massage chair industry. Delivering more technology and more relaxation, more rejuvenation  than you ever dreamed possible.

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